Until You Are Gone

Until You Are Gone

It is the middle of the night
A bad dream I had is worse
When I realize you are no longer by my side
The Marine Corps has taken you from me once again

In the middle of the day
As I walk through the house
Everything reminds me of you
Your clothes lying on the floor
The cup you drank out of the day before

Why are you gone?
I love you so much

I'm scared to pick up your things and put them away
I'm scared if I do you wont be back to stay
Two weeks have passed now
Everything is put in its place

Why are you gone?
I miss you so much

I'm scared that I'm forgetting your face
Tomorrow you will return home
I don't think you really realize what you have
Until it is gone.

By, Elaina Hansen

contributed by Elaina Hansen [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.