The Change is Forever

I wrote this for my then fiancé (now husband) when I was
thinking of how being married to a Marine was going to
change my life.  In a way it is a prayer asking God to help
me figure this out and get though it all. 

The Change is Forever

The Change is Forever that is what they say.
A truth that states my life will change in more than just one way.

Now what does this really mean, and how will I change?
Will my future plans be switched around, my desires rearranged?

Why did God choose me for this, and why have I obeyed?
All I want is for His will to be openly displayed.

The Change is Forever includes so many things.
Like the way I live my daily life, and what my future brings.

There is so much that I just want to hold onto.
But from now on, what’s desired of me, is all I can do

My hopes and dreams and comfort zone will all be put on hold.
And when I gain them back again I will do what I am told.

The change is forever starts with today.
All I need is focus and endurance before I am sent on my way.

So let the change begin, I am open to Your plans.
I know You know the best for me so lead me with Your hands.

Please give me the strength to make it through the fear of the unseen.
And most of all help me change into the wife of a Marine.

Written by Desiree Swift, wife of US Marine Cpl. Christopher Swift