My Marine

HI, My name is Wendie Brown. My husband is in the Marines here in
Camp Pendleton. Though he is not in Iraq He is an Instuctor at the
School of Infantry(SOI) Training the new Marines to go Battle the war.
I wrote this poem for all who are missing their loved ones. I hope everyone
enjoys it. Thank You!!!

My Marine

I turned on the T.V. today,
It's been about a week.
I saw it was night time,
I wonder if you sleep.
The lights are so bright,
The panic so real,
I can't help to tremble,
As I bend down to kneel.
The man say's 6 dead,
Not giving much more,
I'm panting so hard now
Gripping the floor.
I haven't heard  your voice,
Nor a letter in days,
Last one was dated the second,
No stars just a mist gloomy haze.
I saw a man running,
Camouflage he wore,
Alot of sand blasts and fire,
Camera man screamed as he fell to the floor.
A siren had went off,
I started to cry,
I begged,
"God  please don't' let my man die.
Give him the courage to stay strong and fight,
And please Lord please let him make it through the night.
Watch over him and guide him,
And give him the strength to go on,
Keep him clear minded,
Till his fear is all gone."
I prayed for you my love,
I prayed you'd come home,
It hurts me so much knowing,
Your  not near a phone.
The sirens did stop,
I waited for word,
But scratching and muffles,
Was all I had heard.
The reporter was wearing a gas mask,
Standing up straight,
I was scared, so mad,
Didn't know how much I could take.
He spoke a few words,
Then the camera went black,
The news anchor then said,
" We will be right back."
I turned the channel,
And there you stood so proud,
Letting America know,
Just what you had found.
" The ability to be a solider,
Protect and achieve"'
You then yelled at the world'
" Be supportive and believe!"
I raised myself up,
And wiped away the tears,
I also felt released,
From weeks of unknown fears.
You cut off so sudden,
You didn't even say good  bye,
That's ok you're my hero,
I held my head high.
So give it all you got,
I'm here waiting for you,
No matter how long it takes,
Do what you gotta  do.
I love you my Marine,
Words just can't explain,
Till land meets water,
Till I can hold you again.

                   Love Me!!!!

Wendie Brown