My Marine

My Marine

Some people say why would you wait on a man that is always gone
He has to answer to the world when it goes wrong
Well I say that is my man, honest and true
He serves this country with faith and love in all that he has to do
It means a lot to me, you see
That's my man, My Marine

I'll hold my head high and be strong
No matter how long he is gone
I am happy to be in love with someone so brave
No matter if by doing that he goes to his grave

When he is home I thank God for putting him in my life
He is with me even when not by my side
He is the reason I breathe and the reason I am here
He never gives into pain or fear

Maybe you will never see how I feel and why
But remember that is my man protecting your life
My love and best friend until the end of time
I know I will be fine

So life when he is gone isn't always so serene
That is my life with my man, The Marine

Renee (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)