My Brave Marine

       My boyfriend of 4 years is currently serving in Kuwait.  I wrote a
poem for him.  I thought I'd share.  I'm sure there are many other wives and
girlfriends that feel the way I do.  Hope you enjoy.  Thanks
Semper Fi
God Bless America


My Brave Marine

I watched you silently while you packed your gear
I wondered what was going to happen from here
I choked back the tears and bit my lip
I felt that my life was beginning to slip

I am your girlfriend who sits home alone
I remain each night by the silent phone
The phone does not ring, no word from afar
I keep wishing and hoping that it's safe where you are

It is for your service that we all live free
Freedom does not come easy, as you will soon see
You have been sent to protect our way of life
I only hope you survive this strife

I want you to know that I'm still by your side
That will not change, no matter how great the divide
Though my heart is broken while you're away
The pride I feel will never stray

God bless the servicemen who've taken a stand
God bless their families who stand by this great land
God bless the citizens who let their flags wave
God bless my boyfriend for being so brave

Original Poem by
Elizabeth Ann Cuzzacrea
12 February 2003