*Cpl. Michael E. Huff *

 *Cpl. Michael E. Huff *

Do you know of a person
filled with courage and pride
a person so loyal to his country
he would even die.

I know of some men
so willing to fight
they defend and protect us
through each passing night.

Someone with so much honor
no matter what it brings
these people I speak of
are United States Marines.

This pride that I have
I find in another
A United States Marine
He is my brother!

Mr. and Mrs. Chadduck,
The Marines have became a large part of my life since my brother joined. I am
17 years old and I have never been prouder of a person in my entire life!! My
brother is now stationed in Okinawa, Japan. He will be there for one year ( he
has already been gone for 7 months) and writing a poem about the Marines is the
least I could do for these men.
I am.. The Few The Proud... A Marine's Sister!!!
Semper Fidelis!!!

Forever Always Michael,
Your Little Sister,
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