Letter to a Marine

Letter to a Marine
By: Emily Turner

Dear David,
A letter, that I’ll write to you
Full of excitement and fun and nothing that is blue.
I’ll write of the recent movies I’ve seen and new TV shows.
I’ll explain all my outlandish shopping trips and buying new clothes.
I’ll relive prom night for you, where I danced and laughed with friends.
I’ll tell of new music on MTV and all the up and coming new bands.
I’ll retell the best joke that I’ve heard all week.
Or how I played Ms. Fixit and conquered a leak.
And in my letters I’ll make sure to never mention the bad.
And how the sadness outweighs the good in all the times that I’ve had.
I’ll never write that I miss you, or wished you were here.
I’ll make sure you never know that I even shed a tear.
These tears I cry of loneliness ever since you’ve been gone.
Because I need you to think I’ve been nothing but strong.
So that you can carry on without worry and do what you need to do.
To be strong and courageous enough to fight your way through
All the challenges that lie ahead of you.
That is why I’ll write so you’re never given a clue
As to how much you’re needed and missed
And how I want you to be the last boy I’ve ever kissed
Because I’ve learned in your absence, something that is true.
I’ve learned that I’m just not whole, without you.
Written with tears and sealed with love,
Your "soon to be"…Miss Emily