Make It Worth Something for Us

I am a Marine wife -  my husband is currently stationed in Okinawa.  He wrote
this poem, and I would love for you to post it on the website. 
Thank you,
Loren Caldwell 

Make It Worth Something for Us

I know that you can't know what it's like to be me.
To be us above all things
You see us on the news
You mourn others before you mourn us

But we're there
And we're there because of you
We're your mass of silent protectors.
When you sleep,

We are awake
We smile before the day begins
A small smile of knowing
That you sleep sound

That we are there for you
And everything we are is for you
And everything we do is only for your good
And may you never know what could have been

May you only know what you have
And never worry how it came to you
Enjoy it, live it, revolt against it
But never worry about the ones that gave themselves

So that you could have that
Enjoy it for me
For my friends that died
Make it worth something for us.

CPL Jeremy S. Caldwell, USMC  2003

Loren Caldwell