The Marine and His Wife

The Marine and His Wife

A Marine by day, he stands the watch alone.
A man by night, dreaming of wife and home.
At home she waits, as hours give way to days.
Sometimes she cries, as alone in the night she prays.

He thinks a lot of freedom, that's why he joined the Corps.
He wanted to be all he could be, and then a little more.
She married the man she loved, committed to him for life.
Knowing it wouldn't be easy, being a military wife.

The days in the field were long, the nights were longer still,
But he was born to serve, duty was his will.
Steadfast by his side, though thousands of miles away,
Unconditional support, she gave to him each day.

He loved her with a passion; for her he'd gladly die.
He'd sell his soul in a moment, just to look inside her eyes.
She lived her life for him, each and every day.
Waiting for his return, her love so far away.

He was a United States Marine, some said she was but his wife.
But she was his strength, the very inspiration of his life.
No matter the distance between them, they were never apart.
He was the Marine, but she gave him the heart.
*Barbara Bates*

Borrowed from Kelly's Marine Wives Site
[http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/1717/]  with permission