Just A Marine's Wife

 Just A Marine¹s Wife

A Korean War Vet
Sgt. Ronald Richoux

Mrs Renee McGuanCopyright-July 2000 ©
Proud wife of Joe McGuan
USMC 1963-67 2051485

Dear Renee Some time ago you wrote a letter to my first born child Debbie. She
in turn sent it to me. I wish to thank you for the wonderful words you used to
describe me. You were most kind and gracious. However you said something that
sort of upset me. You told Debbie that you were "Just A Marine¹s Wife"

Renee in this world, as I know it, there is no such thing as Just A Marine¹s

This very day, as I was working in my flower garden and foremost on my mind
were a few of the words in your letter, as much as I tried I could not forget
those words "Just A Marine¹s Wife" As I thought about your choice of words in
your descriptive analyst of self, I kept thinking; I have one of those. I have
someone who is "Just A Marine¹s Wife"

I have a Rebecca Marie Blanchard (Richoux) who who has been taking care of this
young at heart old Marine for 48 years. I love her more than I did the day I
married her. While still gardening I had an overwhelming feeling to write about
the most important person in my life who is after all, "Just A Marine¹s Wife."
I dedicate this to her first, and to every lady who has ever been "Just A
Marine¹s Wife."

Sgt. Ronald Paul Richoux

Just A Marine's Wife

In the middle of the night, when all is seemly quiet, she listens to him moan
as his past revisits and he is in plight. Those strange sounds he mumbles, as
he tries to express his might, she's known those sounds are coming from a body
racked with fright. She studies his restless body and asks, why Lord his memory
don't you wipe. Oh thank you God for giving me "Just A Marine¹s Wife".

As he is dreaming of his distressing moments in strife, Who, in the middle of
the night,is always there to hold him tight. Into the depth of his very sole
she alone, can softly whisper, hold on Marine, all is well, you have won your
fight, because of you the world is a little safer this night. He is then awaken
by a beautiful and secure delight. Thank you God for giving me "Just A Marine¹s

There are some who believe that their lives must be a bore, However every
Marine cared for by one, knows the score. Look around America, they are the
life to our corp. They follow their marines to the end of the earth, with love
in their hearts, many times alone, they give birth. Thank you God for giving me
"Just A Marine¹s Wife".

For the rest of his life she will stand by his side and never quit, all the
days of his life she must guide him through survivors guilt. When his flag is
folded and into her hands it is received, she will look up to heaven and even
then you can bet, not once will anyone hear from her a single regret. Thank you
god for giving me "Just A Marine¹s Wife".

The battles of his world now over, and as he enters heavens gate, his first
words will be, "Oh thank you Lord for my mate". Her life was tough, she loved a
marine, who had much on his plate. All of her life, by his side, she is the one
who fought the good fight, Thank you God for giving me "Just A Marine¹s Wife".

She now must consign him to your protection, Lord, because of service to his
country, over him she stood guard. She always gave him praise, in him she
placed her belief, and not a single time in her life did she ever ask for a
relief. Lord, she loved one of your marines all of her life. Thank you God for
giving me "Just A Marine¹s Wife".

Sgt. Ronald Paul Richoux, Sr. 1182623
Copyright-July 2000 ©
July 12, 2000
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