-=If I could...

Longing-Dedicated to Allan (My Marine)
-=If I could...
If I could be there, what would I do? 
If only my eyes could fall upon you. 
My days would be much more bright, 
If only I could hold you tight. 
No one knows how much I'm dying , 
Behind closed doors, to myself, I do my crying. 
I can't help but wonder is this a test? 
And if so, upon who's request? 
I do my best to hold my head high, 
But I can't help but wonder why? 
Why'd you have to go so far from me? 
to foreign land, across the sea. 
Oh, yeah, now I know why, 
The answer lies in the words-Semper-Fi! 
Always faithful to country and Corps, 
Nothing less, nothing more. 
Everything forward I accepted when I married you! 
But I really didn't expect the stories to be true! 
The long hours, voyages to far places, and undying dedication, 
Joy, heartache, and motivation. 
I was left behind, alone, to learn the ropes, 
Fearful, unknowing, nothing solid but hopes. 
I know that every day that passes by, 
Is one less day I need wonder why.....? 
I know soon you'll be back home again, 
The thought brings more joy than anyone can imagine! 
I hope you know how much you mean to me...... 
My best friend, My Husband, My U.S. Marine! 
contributed by -  Cheryl A.
 Hess [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]