I Hope You're Dreaming

Here is a poem I e-mailed to my marine in Iraq.
He really liked it and told me to post it with all the ones ive been sending
him others have written so that other military guys could recieve it from
thier loves.
Thank you all for your poems some have touched me so deeply that they made
me cry.

I Hope You're Dreaming

i hope you're dreaming
i at least hope you're sleeping
its after midnight there and i know you need your shut eye
i dream of you at night and pray for you all day
i thank God for those long nights and short days
but sometimes they switch and my dreams almost die
i hope youre happy
i at least hope you're content
being so far from home has to make things tough
but i send you my frienship
and more importantly my love
trusting me and knowing my past must be rough
your love is like a river through my mind
and your memories lay heavy on my heart
they are both a blessing and a curse i've come to see
when the river runs slow it calms my soul
and the memories a warm blanket when im cold
not even miles can break the tie between you and me
but when the river's too high to contain
and memories get to heavy to sustain
i pray for paience and guidance from the one who supplies it
my prayers are always answered
and the river in my mind is calmed
our separation is then alleviated a little bit
so until you return to me
i hope you are dreaming of me
or at least sleeping in peace and safety.
-Regina Marie

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
please feel free to write if you have any Q's or would just like some advice
on how to deal with absence of a loved one.  I know i would have liked some
one to talk to when i first had to deal with it. There is always a special
bond between the women left behind that is so comforting sometimes.

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