For All Military Wives

For All Military Wives

This is one of the most difficult times of my life,
having my husband so far,
I won't see him for a year,
I don't hear from him much,
I worry about him every minute of the day.
I pray that God will keep him safe
and bring him back home to me and our unborn child.

I want to say to all other military wives that,
we must remain positive,
When you write to your husbands,
keep their spirits up,
even though you're crying and finding it so tough,
put on a brave front,
wipe away your tears,
you're not alone,
Pray that he'll be home safe soon,
Ask God to give you the strength,
Remember our men need us right now,
They need us to be strong,
They need us to believe that the best outcome is within their reach
Take care of yourselves even though it can be so difficult.

As I sit and write my husband letters, I cry and wish he was here at home safe with me.
We must accept our situation.  We must go on and have great faith.

I'm only one of so many wives out there who are doing anything and everything to stay positive,
I now hope to find support from other wives.

Take care of yourselves  -- our husbands don't want us to be sad.  Always send positive loving thoughts their way.

Submitted by
Angela Alvarado