Spirit of the ocean,
Bring my love back to me.
He is upon a ship,
That is sailing in your sea.

He left to join you,
So many months ago.
I have been so patient,
Now he's on his way home.

Ocean so great,
I will be there.
As your waves so big,
Push his ship to the pier.

As my departed Loved one,
Comes home from your sea,
We give thanks to you,
So that this may be.

Thank you for keeping him safe,
During his time upon the ship.
I will be grateful to you always,
For there will be more trips.

Each time he leaves,
Each time he comes home.
I know you'll be with him,
While I sit here alone.

As I wait on the pier,
You are all I can see.
Until a ship on the horizon,
Appears to me.

It is my Love returning,
>From his long trip with you.
He will be in my arms,
To hug and kiss me real soon.

So remember I hate you,
For taking him away.
But I love you all the same,
For returning him someday.

copyright 1999, Michelle L.
Dillman [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]