To My Airman

To My Airman

To my Airman, who is far
far away.

Sunburned and homesick
Tired and exhausted

Waiting for days to go faster,
Nights to come sooner,
and a ride home to come

Leaving a newlywed wife home,
Wondering if he is alright,
waiting to here his voice!

Not knowing what the next day
will bring,
Not knowing what will come!!

Only twenty minutes to here his voice!
Letter's take days to months!!

Weekends which seem forever and a waist!!
Humidity and heat rattling at his tent!

To my Airman and a loving husband,
Never forgotten and in her heart!

~Wendy Rench~ USAF

contributed by Wendy Rench [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.