Soldier Boy

 Soldier Boy

(Dedicated to an Air force Capt.)
 (My Brother)
 (Chorus) Soldier Boy dressed in blue
 Ill sing this song for you
 For duty calls and freedom rings
 You kept yourself so strong
 Soldier boy dressed in blue
 You followed a distant drum
 And gave yourself to keep us free
 We watched our freedom come

 (Verse 1) Lonely soldier far away
 He'll risk his life for me
 He's our brother, our father, and our son
 Only wants to keep us free
 Sacrifice the easy life
 Must be loyal and be true
 Memories of the love of home
 Protects red, white, and blue

 (Verse 2) Can't you see the love he has?
 As he walks unfriendly lands
 Remembers lonely soldiers blood
 Lost in the desert sands
 The fear he has so deep inside
 Gives way as duty calls
 He fights with ever once of strength
 To see that evil falls

 (Verse 3) He'll march for many lonely years
 And soon the time will come
 A nation sings so proud of him
 His loyal service done
 Soldier boy dressed in blue
 Lays down his ribbons won
 Once again to live his life
 As Husband, father son
 Songwriter, ( Vicki Rosanne Swift)
 (Produced by Hilltop Records, Hollywood Calif.)

contributed by Vicki Rosanne Swift [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]