Job Description

 Job Description

The poem below was sent to me "author unknown" and was pretty poor, as
poems go. Since I am a writer/editor by profession, I re-worked it;
added some things, took some things out. Since I can't claim
authorship, I only ask you list this as "edited by Catta" thank you :)

The outside world provides my job with just one little quirk -
I’m offered no respect because it's not considered work

So I am writing this to simply state my point of view
and maybe give some insight into what I really do.

Here’s my job description and, to better understand,
It's written in the lingo of my Military man...

I am the IG, complaints come to me.
I am the MEDIC, I bandage skinned knees.
I am the JAG and COURT MARTIALS, too.
I decide justice; how much and for who.
I must be SAFETY, inspecting for junk.
I am the FIRST SHIRT, checking the bunk.
I am SUPPLY, keeping track of the food.
Clothing and toys, no matter the mood.
I am the SP, securing the door.
I am the AIRMAN who mans the floor
I am SERVICES, cooking the meals.
I am TRANS, in charge of all wheels.
I’m MWR, planning the fun.
I am the BUGLER when Duty is done.
I am the CQ and Fireman, too.
There isn't much that I don't do.
I am INSTRUCTOR. My courses are free.
And all that is learned is taught by me.
I am FLIGHT LEADER. I know my Troops well.
Sometimes I’m the T.I. who really can yell.
I’m both E9 and 010 for, you see,
All of the paperwork must come through me.
I don’t go to combat though battles I face,
For when he deploys I keep guard at the Base
It’s fine that my LES says NO PAY DUE
I’ll gladly take pay in the words, “I love you.”
I’ll never take leave. I’ll be always on call.
I won’t ETS because, after all,
The promise he made when he took his oath
Was spoken by him but meant by us both.

I’m proud of my Troop and I’ve signed on for life
My Primary AFSC - Air Force Wife!

contributed by catta [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]