I Am An Air Force Wife

 I Am An Air Force Wife

I've noticed in my present job there is this tiny quirk
There is no respect at all, and it's not considered work.....
Well I am here to show you another point of view
Just to give you an idea, of what WE really do........
Here is my job description, and to better Understand...
I've written it in the lingo of my Military Man.....
I am the IG complaints come to me
I am the MEDIC, I bandage skinned knees
I am the JAG and COURT MARITAL too...
I decide the punishments, how much and on who!
I am SAFETY, inspecting all the junk
I am the FIRST SHIRT checking the bunk
I am SUPPLY in charge of food and clothes
households goods and heaven only knows....
I am the SP who secures the door
I am FINANCE, but giving out more
I am SERVICES who cooks all the meals
I am TRANS in charge of the wheels
I am MWR planning all the fun
I am the BUGLER announcing the 'Day is Done'
I am the CQ and Fire Dept too,
there isn't much that I don't do...
I am the Instructor, also you see
Because everything that is learned is taught by me
I am the Flight Leader who knows his troops well
Sometimes the T.I. who really can yell

I am the 0-10 and the E-9 you see
cause everything must come through me

I'll never go to combat, but certain battles I will face
But rest assure when you deploy, count on me to guard the base

I am always on duty, I never take leave,
No Holidays off, It's hard to believe

I can never ETS, I signed on for life
My Primary AFSC is Mother, my secondary is AF Wife

For all my devotion to duty, my LES says NO PAY DUE
Because I am not paid in money, but in the words
"I LOVE YOU"----anonymous

contributed by Mrs. Nikki Randolf [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.