-=The Heavy Military Wife

       Hello, I belong to an AF wives online group, and a while back we were
having a discussion about weight, and what qualifies as overweight. After a
couple of days of this discussion, I decided to write the following, and many
of the members liked it so much they forwarded on to other groups, and other
friends. So I thought since they were sharing it, I would like to share it with
you. And if you like it, maybe you could share it with another military wife. I
believe this is true, and I also believe you are all perfect, whether you are
big or small, short or tall.

-=The Heavy Military Wife

Ya wanna know why the military spouse tends to weigh more? We have the heavy
load of carrying our households while our spouse is away on TDY or a remote, we
are weighted down with all the red tape we have to wade through and the
paperwork we have to fill out to get the medical care we deserve despite
repeated brush offs, we have a ton of boxes that never got unpacked from that
last PCS, we have the heavy fear that our husbands will be called away, again,
or that they might go to a dangerous place, we have the heavy expectations of
our families, who often don't understand that we can't come home every
vacation, and the lead guilt of missing birthdays, funerals, weddings,
Christmases. Every day Military Spouses pull through life with a ton or more of
worries, fears, frustrations, complications, and tasks sitting on their heads,
their shoulders, their hearts. Yet for all the weight of the world we women
carry, we still carry on. So don't worry about your size, cause you fit
perfectly for the job, and don't worry about your weight, your laughter, love,
compassion and understanding make you seem as light as an angel. You are all
PERFECT, and you are all so strong. So take a minute, hug yourself, and revel
in the miracle that you are. Then pick up those 10 pound combat boots that DH
left in the middle of the floor, and carry on!!

Tina Rodriguez

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