Fear of deployment

Fear of deployment

The fear of deployment engulfs me
of not knowing about tommorow
of not being able to see him
and being full of sorrow

To see his brown eyes on me
and his gentle touch at night
to know he may be gone
Even by dawn's early light

The anxiety of anticipation
The fear of being gone
All feeling I MUST hide
for he can not know what is wrong

stong and courageous I stand
Able to move within a moment's notice
so he can defend this great land

So he can not see my panicking fear
thats castupon my face
as a wife we wear many masks
This one can not show a tear

The tranquil solace I hold dear
are friends I've come to know
They've taught how to be a wife
and taught me how to grow

What PRIDE I have in my man
Hy heart beats RED, WHITE, and BLUE
It bleeds the colors of a flag
Thats strong, and proud and TRUE!

Mary Miro-Benitez

Dedicated to all the wives of these selfless HEROS we call SOLDIERS!!!