I'm not yet a military wife, but an un-official Army fiancé. Pvt. David
Sprott of 82nd Airborne's 2-505 left for Afghanistan last Friday, Jan. 17th.
I wrote him this poem before he left for boot camp last year, although it is
more appropriate now: ("Fortis" means "bravery" in Latin)

By: Anneke Kurt

The dog tags hang around his neck
And the pride is evident in his eyes
He's ready to go yet wants to hold back
The uncertainty itself is hard to disguise.

"Go and serve your country well,"
Handshakes come from around the room.
They pat his back with tears in their eyes
"Please try hard to come home soon."

The greatest nation under the sun
Land of the free, home of the brave
He's fighting to keep those stars and stripes
Waving over the last man's grave.

He boards the plane and becomes a man
Although his years may already say he's grown
He'll learn to fight, to shoot, to kill
To bring the hard-earned victory home.

The tears in my eyes sting like hell
But I will not let them fall
I am proud that the one I love so much
Has sacrificed it all.

He's given up his civilian comfort
To help launch the United States' attack
He's off and as ready as he'll ever be
Please God, bring him back.

I know he'll be safe, under Your care
His courage will keep him strong
Leadership will take him to great heights
He'll be home before too long.

Know that we'll be waiting, night and day
Until the moment you return
You'll be in our thoughts, our prayers, our dreams
In our hearts you'll burn.

My pride for you is everlasting
My love for you will always burn true,
Be safe, be strong and never forget
That I will always be here- waiting for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. My heart goes out to all the men
and women overseas, and all their loved ones back home waiting for their
safe return.

Anneke Kurt