From the Beginning…

From the Beginning…

Since the very first morning
I woke to your handsome face,
You told me one day
you may have to leave this place.

A National Guardsman
is what you signed up to be,
To protect your state and country
for all that's right and free.

You expressed your desire
to maybe volunteer,
To fight in a faraway war
not yours to commandeer.

I was so proud of you then,
lying next to your side
To be with a man like you,
within me so much pride.

It was at this time
I fell deeper in love.
Right then I knew
you would go beyond and above.

You are the man of my dreams,
a man like no other,
A man who'd give himself
for the life of another.

I told you then
I would support you in this.
Even though I knew in my heart
it was you I would miss.
I was aware of the chance
that you may have to leave.

But for it to be so soon,
I still find it hard to believe.
545 days
til we can resume this life,

Your love for me,
Will be what gets me through this strife.
It seems like so long,
But, my husband, you're so cleaver;
You told me its a short time
compared to being "together forever".

From the beginning I was yours,
for you captured my heart.
Please know that I love you,
even while we're apart.

I will remain strong,
waiting for your return,
Needless to say,
for your hugs and kisses I will yearn.

You have my promise,
with you, my love I will send.

From the beginning, from now on,
There truly is no end.

Wriiten and submitted by
Rebecca C. Chong
Loving wife of Sgt. Jared K. Chong
29th Brigade Combat Team