To the G.I.'s Wife

To the G.I.'s Wife

Thirty-eight years ago I became a G.I. wife.  During my husband's military
career, he served with the 101st Airborne Division, the 82nd Airborne
Division, and was deployed to Viet Nam in August, 1965 with the 1st Air
Calvary Division.  He was a Drill Sergeant when the US Army Training Center,
Infantry was at Fort Bragg in the late 1960's and was honorably discharged
from the 259th Svc. Co. at Fort Bragg, NC in 1971.  Viet Nam was a dark,
fearful time in my life.  Sometimes weeks would go by without a letter from
him and the news on the TV only made it harder for me to fall asleep at
night.  One day I received a letter from him with a poem enclosed that he had
torn from a newspaper he'd gotten somewhere there in Viet Nam.  The poem was
written by A1C Charles W. Tarkenton, 6252d Supply Sq.  My husband did not
know the author of the poem, nor did I, but I've kept this tattered,
well-read, well-worn piece of newspaper with the other keepsakes from that
time gone by.  After all these years, I would like to say "Thank you A1C
Tarkenton.  Your words were a beacon of hope to me during a dark time in my
life.  May your words now bring comfort and hope to military wives
everywhere, especially to those of servicemen in Iraq and other points far
from home."  If A1C Tarkenton is no longer with us, perhaps someone out there
knows of his family.  I have no doubt that his family would enjoy knowing
that his service to his country was not the only contribution that he made
that was of significant value.  My husband passed away December 1, 2002, but
I'll always be a G.I.'s wife!

To the G.I.'s Wife
As I sit here alone in this war-torn land,
       I can't help but think that I'm a lucky man.

No matter the price that I someday may pay,
       I thank God above, for he sent you my way.

He sent me the greatest, without any doubt,
       If I thought it would help, I'd jump and shout.

For I wish I could tell you why my heart's in a whirl,
       You're always on top, above all the rest.

Your hardships are many, the number is high,
       Impossible to count, I won't even try.

Sometimes you may think that I will never speak,
       But I love you completely, every day, every week.

Like no other wife that's been married to date,
       You're never upset when your husband is late.

You have struggled hard all day long,
       Everything in place just where it belongs.

Supper is ready, the table's all set,
       When you hear on the phone, "I'm not finished yet."

What do you think as you hang up the phone?
       "I'll keep supper warm till my husband gets home."

The family in bed, you sit there and wait,
       You know he is needed or he wouldn't be late.

The car in the drive, you fly to the door,
       To show him your love no matter the score.

Problems at work only to you he'll disburse,
       At times so mad that he will even curse.

But you are always there, to share his despair,
       To listen intently and show him you care.

Finally to bed you hold him so tight,
       And pray, unheard, that it won't blow tonight.

But the whistle blows loud, the whistle blows clear,
       So you've lost him again, the one you hold dear.

It goes on and on, time after time,
       You never get weak and you never whine.

A friend may tell you, or his orders you see,
       So you pack his bag to go over the sea.

It's happened before, it will happen again,
       Deep in your mind, can you someday win?

You hold back the tears, As the time comes to part,
       For over the years, This has become quite an art.

But show him your worry or show him your pain,
       You never do this, you never complain.

Now he is gone and the long wait begin,
       Looking at your neighbors, would you marry him again?

They're always together and look so content,
       While to your country again, your husband you've lent.

You see them out and having a good time,
       But you sit home alone with your husband in mind.

As the news arrives while you're watching TV,
       Each G.I. that passes, you see only me.

I can feel it inside, I know that you care,
       While others that watch may only just stare.

All that you've given me how can I say,
       I love you sincerely, and I mean all the way.

As darkness approaches greeting the night,
       In my heart you will shine so heavenly bright.

I wish there was more, something I could do,
       To prove once again that I love only you.

But this must wait till my tour here ends,
       Then back to your arms and your warmth again.

As I step off that plane with my bag in my hand,
       I'll see only you and all will be grand.

No matter the number or size of the crowd,
       I'll see only you as my heart beats out loud.

Before reaching the gate to my wife I will call,
       Just seeing you there, I'll feel ten feet tall.

Though it will never be spoken, It'll be in our mind,
       How long will it be before the next time?

Your husband is back, you thank God above,
       And you waste not a second to show him your love.

For time is important to the family you run,
       You know it could end with the sound of a gun.

You keep it inside, never speak of that,
       You let him know only you're so happy he's back.

So seek no praise for the job you have done,
       The look from his eyes tells you you've won.

As head of the family you again step down,
       But in his heart you will always still wear the crown.

The hardships I face are all part of my life,
       But what about those of a G.I.'s wife?    

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