"Daddy's Road to Glory"

"Daddy's Road to Glory"
Dedicated to and Inspired by:
Pfc. Damon Suiter Cco. 1-125 Infantry
Operation Enduring Freedom/Sinai Penninsula

When you're feeling blue
and the day has gone bad
let me see you through
the tough times you've had
When the sun has set
remember tomorrow is a new day
for it is only just a few hours away
With every bad there is always a good
and in the end you'll be okay
Everything seems hard at first
but you must never give up hope
even though easy always comes in second
you'll have enough strength to to make it through
For I have faith in you
and I am very proud
of all that you do
I will never give up on you
and you must never give up on yourself
For this will all one day
be a memory upon some dusty old shelf
We will look back on this from time to time
and all the strength that we have gained
It is these days that we will miss
but in the end we'll be ahead
and we will have forgotten
all the tears that we had shed
This will all become a story
that you will one day tell the boys
and the story will be called Daddy's Road to Glory

Written By:
Priscilla Marie Suiter
Proud Army Wife