Army Daddy

 Army Daddy

I wipe away his tears
as I tuck him into bed,
Hoping he will understand some of what I said.
I know you miss your Daddy,
he really is the best
But be proud of what he's doing,
feel it swell your chest.
Not everyone can "Be All That You Can Be"
Your Daddy also part of the Army family.

I know you want him here
to read to you tonight
To tuck you in, make you feel safe
when you close your eyes.
Just know that he is thinking of you
and what he would say if he were here,
Then say a prayer for his safety,
as I wipe away your tears.

original work writtten by Dj Purvis

contributed by Dj Purvis [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]