Battle Alone

This is a hard battle
A really tough fight
First thing in the morning
Late into the night

They all have wounds
Pain that won't go away
Scars they've collected
>From their battles each day

But they never give up
Day in and day out
A rag-tag force
Without any doubt

Through the words and the questions
The verbal attacks
With no supporting units
To defend their backs

They only have each other
In this battle they fight
They are strong every day
But they cry every night

These are not our brave soldiers
No armor they wear
But they defend our country
Because they care

Their men are far away
Across miles and seas
Protecting your right
To disagree as you please

These are women defenders
Of their big strong brave men
They get all their strength
>From the men who love them

So listen up closely
Know this and trust:
These women defend the men
Defending all of us

So pray for the day
When our troops return home
And pray for these women
Who battle alone.

ARMY families, friends, loved ones--thank you for defending
your soldiers, as
I know from experience you all do! ARMY girlfriends, stay
strong; we have
possibly the hardest job of all those left behind. I pray
for you all and
understand your hardships....

*for SGT Matthew Buttner- always in my prayers, forever in
my heart*

Beth M. Miner