Beautiful. Baby Boy's
rising when most are still asleep,
dressing in camouflage,
stepping to feat,
laughing at any obstacle;
there will be no defeat.
Even if it means pulling the trigger,
of a gun.
Beautiful. Baby Boy's courageous, run,
he is the one.
They are,
The U.S. of A.

Beautiful. Baby Girl's
rising from restless sleep,
sleeping in Baby Boy's tee-shirts,
wishing it were his skin,
rubbing weary eyes,
here we go again.

Baby Boy's feel hit hard on impact.
rock, mud; another cut.
Baby Girl's feet brush against the carpet,
energy, friction; another burn.
Baby Boy's hands calloused softness,
touching things he hopes she never sees,
~ holding her in his thoughts.
Baby Girl's hands, satin camouflages strength,
washed clean,
only she can see,
the blood, scar, and pain that will always remain.
~ holding him in her heart.

Baby Boy's and Baby Girl's
laying sweet heads down to sleep,
left with darkness and grown up dreams,
tee shirts and pictures,
war and peace,
sex and love,
this is the time;
they don't feel as apart as they really are,
no far away land,
thoughts and prayers, and fantasies,
take over,
and they are finally inside,
pumping one another,
- Mandy Grooms

contributed by Mandy Grooms [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]