A Soldier's Wife

A Soldier's Wife

I am the wife of a US soldier
I am the bearer of his children
And his best friend in the world
I carry the weight of our world on my shoulders.

I vow to be patient and understanding
The life of a military wife demands it
I promise to keep my head high in times of hardship
And if I fall I swear to never let it interfere with my daily duties
My family is my first priority.

I am the wife of a US soldier
A soul mate at arms if you will
My duty…to be wife, mother, friend, protector, teacher, lover,
And have knowledge of all things small minds may wonder
I am in no way a stone
If I am sad I cry
Though I may do so in the privacy of my own heart.

I vow to always support my husband
And in times of his absence
I will carry out the roles of both parents as needed.
In everything he does I am with him
My spirit travels the globe at his side.

In the instance that he does not return
And gives his life to defend this great nation
I will stay strong for those he has left behind
The role of a mother requires it
I will make sure his memory and heroism are remembered
And I will mourn that not all men could be like him
Brave, loyal, and true.

I am the wife of a US soldier
I am a foothold in an otherwise weathered cliff
And this is my creed.

Written by me:
Connie N. Martin
September 2001
wife to Spc. Daniel Martin