A Tanker’s Wife

A Tanker’s Wife

My husbands a tanker
& I am his wife
& all that we  know is this Armor life

They’re the best in the business
a breed of their own
Their bravery time & again they have shown

Whether Sabot or Heat
They’ve never heard of defeat
3rd ID or 1st AD
We’re all apart of this Tanking family

But my Tanker must go now
Just got the order
Our time together has gotten shorter

To His gunner , his loader
His driver too,
Take care of my Tanker – he’ll take care of you.

He loves that M1
& the boys in his crew
But it’s time to go
We know what to do

We stand there so tall
Acting so strong
So our tankers won’t know that there’s anything wrong.

We kiss them good-bye
& promise to write
What no one can see, is we cry late at nite

All we have is each other
Until deployment is over
It could be next May
If we’re lucky October

We rally together when times are rough
We hold onto each other when we’ve all had enough
We laugh & we cry
& We all wonder why
Our tankers have left us
It cuts like a knife
But such is the life of a Tanker’s wife

deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom
& WILD BUNCH - Alpha Company 1/64 Armor, 2nd BDE,
3rd Infantry Division who fought the fight - may you all come
home soon & safe.

& Especially to my husband, my TankerGod - SFC William A Thompson -
i miss you Messiah - Love Amy

Amy Thompson