My Soldier

My Soldier

She knew when she said "I do"
The dreadful day would come,
When her soldier would have to leave,
To fight for everone.

She didn't want him to leave.
To the Army, she said "NO"
Then she had to say goodbye,
Her soldier had to go.

To her hours seem like days,
She wants him to come home.
The weeks and months go by so slow,
She feels so scared and alone.

The fear is overwhelming,
She wants him to be safe.
She knows deep in her heart,
He shouldn't be in that horrible place.

She dreams about the day,
When he will be returning home.
Shes been waiting for the day,
She'll no longer be alone.

Her mind can't help but wonder,
As she sits at home and cries,
"Can I still stay strong,
If my soldier dies?"

She lies awake at night and thinks,
"Where could my soldier be?"
I'm not dreaming...This is real,
God send my soldier back to me!

Nichole Webber