My Soldier My Love

  I have a poem to submit.  You can put my name as the author.  Its Kimberly
Cole.  Its made for the man i love and his name is Jeff.  If you have any
questions, please contact me.  here is the poem.

My Soldier My Love
The day I saw you leave.
I just couldn’t believe.
As tears rolled down my face.
My heart began to race.
Wondering what you will see.
Or if you were returning to me.
As I hold you close in my heart.
I know we will never part.
Even though your miles away.
I will think about you everyday.
In Iraq you will be.
Hoping you will return to me.
For each day that goes by.
I just set and wonder why.
As God is watching over you.
I just wish people only knew.
Doing you job everyday.
Hoping that people pray.
For the danger that you face.
You handle it with grace.
For people who don’t care.
That you are over there.
For that day I hear the phone.
That you are coming home.
Oh how happy I will be.
That you are returning to me.
For the day I see of get off the bus.
I now know we are back to us.
For the first time I see your face.
I can only embrace.
My soldier is back to me.
Forever we will be.
I love you very much.