To My Soldier

My Name is Amber Hansen here is the poem I wrote the other day.

                    To My Soldier

He's always there when I need him,
Even when he's out of sight.
All I do is think about him,
And how his smile brighten's my life.

All though he's miles away,
I feel as if he's here.
I just call out his name,
And I can hear his voice so clear.

His smile can brighten the darkest nite,
Hi eyes shine like the stars.
And everything he does for me,
Come's from deap within his heart.

Noone's ever touched my heart,
As deaply as he.
And I thank the Lord each nite,
That he chose to be with me.

He's miles away working hard,
Out serving out country.
And I'll be here waiting for him to return to me.

I sit here every nite,
Trying to find a way.
To write in poems how he makes me feel,
But the words just do not say.

The way I feel about him,
Or how he's changed my life.
But I can tell you right now,