As Her Soldier Leaves

As Her Soldier Leaves:
 She watched him walk away, leaving for that foreign land.  But she knew he had to go He was needed in Afghanistan. Someone has to win this war. It is a good thing that he is doing. She just can't understand why, It is always her heart that is hurting. She thinks about the lonely days to come And she can't help but cry. This is always the hardest part, Saying good-bye. What will he be doing out there? And when will he get to call? This is what she thinks about through the night, When she can't sleep, and she is starring at the wall. She goes about her everyday life, As if everything is okay. If only they knew that the pain inside, Continues night and day. She keeps herself busy, Hoping that time will go by fast. And thinks about the day he will return. When  they can be together again, at last.