Married to a soldier is the life I choose
Some much to be gained, and some to lose.
Picking up and moving to some place far away,
Excitement of new things to see,
new games to learn to play.
Camping out in the mountains, view spectacular to see,
Sledding's kinda fun, but skiing is NOT for me!
Laying on the beach, watching the waves rolling in,
Building sand castles and,
oh no, the waves got it again!
Boating on an inland lake, the fish don't like my bait
Oh well, we'll move again before it gets too late.

Each time, each place, we try to make the best of everything,
Weather, sites, places, in this land where freedom rings.
Looking forward to the future and the adventure we will find
Trying not to think too much of all that's left behind.
'Where you from', they always ask, and how do you reply
The place where you were born, or the last you said goodbye
For home is a place I haven't lived in over 20 years
And still it's hard to think of home without a little tear.
My sister's kids are grown now, my brother's son played ball,
Mom's health is failing, I miss her most of all.
Phone calls are good and email pictures are great
I hope I make it back home again, before it's too late.

DJ Purvis

contributed by DJ Purvis [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.