Soldier Mine

 Hi I would like to submit the following poem to the army wives website. I wrote it last year while my husband was in training. I think it really portrays how alot of women feel just starting out in the military before they get accustomed to the new lifestyle.

Soldier Mine
You took my hand, we fell in love you vowed we'd always be.
But now you go so far away, and take it all from me.
The gun you hold it melts my soul, now all but we are free.
There is no peace when you are gone, I need you here with me.
Before you were a soldier, you were my lover and my friend.
I'd rather work all day and night, than do this all again.
We made this choice to build a life, now strangers we've become.
I bear a cross no one can bear, to this pain I can't succumb.
I live my life so full of fear, I take each day in stride.
A husband you will rarely be, now I am dead inside.
Your death now haunts my lonely mind,and fear now grips my heart
Please don't leave me yet my dear,we're far enough apart.

Crystal Prestridge