My daddy loves me, I already know.
He hugs me and kisses me.
Please Daddy, don't go.

As he leaves our home on this cold February morn,
I know that I will miss him.
My heart will be torn.

See, my daddy's a soldier, I'm so glad to say.
He travels by plane
to Kosovo so far away.

My daddy misses me. He always writes me a letter
to say he'll be home soon,
and that all will be better.

I'm counting the days until my daddy comes back.
When he walks through the door,
I will help him unpack.

Oh daddy, please hurry, I'm waiting for you.
I know you're still out there,
and it makes me so blue.

It's been a long time, but the day's finally here;
when my daddy comes home.
I know that he's near.

I watch as the plane returns from the air.
We're proud of my daddy,
and what he did there.

He steps off the plane as proud as can be.
He did his part so that we could be free.

I found this poem on another internet site, though I can't remember
exactly which one it was, I have been through so many. It was originally
titled,"My Daddy is a Sailor." I am unaware of who the author was. I
changed several of the words around to make it better suit our situation. I
hope that everyone enjoys it.
Danielle Sparks

contributed by Danielle
Sparks [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]