My Husband, My soldier

Hi my name is Amanda Hillen, wife of PFC Robert Hillen II currently deployed
to Iraq... here is one of the poems I wrote for him....

My Husband, My soldier
Amanda Hillen

When the phone rings and its Uncle Sam on the other end of the phone
his life  has to be put on hold. 
When duty calls he must go. 
He fights for the freedom of our country, soldiering is his life. 
He fights to keep our country safe, so you can sleep at night.
He will not see his daughter take her first steps or hear her say daddy for the first time. 
He won't get to celebrate her first birthday or hold her when she's scared.
He'll have to watch his daughter grow through pictures and videos. 
He won't get to celebrate his very first wedding anniversary with his wife,
instead he'll spend it at war. 
While your enjoying your freedom, he will be defending it.
He will not complain, even though he'll miss so much. 
He has sacrifised so much.
  My husband takes pride in doing his part to keep us safe and free.
He is a brave soldier!
I'm proud to be his wife!