-=Love for Thee

I have three poems I wrote about my boyfriend/future fiance Drew. He's in
Basic Training at Ft. Benning Georgia. I love him and miss him so much!
Please post my poems--I know he will love to see I posted them for him when
he gets home
---Ashley Padgett

-=Love for Thee

Please don't doubt my love for thee
My heart will shatter and break,
For what would I do if I didn't have you--
What good is a heart that has been staked?

I ask you this and tell you now, my love for thee is true;
The crimson shade my once sable heart now doth turn,
is a direct reaction of you

The gossamer amidst my heart doth clear
when thee reaches down for a sweet kiss
Oh, the nights of delicious pleasure
I have grown so greatly to miss...

What locution must I use to accentuate my love for thee?
I love you Drew and I ask you this:
"Would you have the honor of marrying me?"
To my infantry soldier Drew: I love you with all of my heart, never forget
that "I will always love you too"...
-Ashley 6-10-02

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