-=Her Head Held High

I wrote this for my husband who is in the Army. We've been married for
months...May 30th this year. He's on his first deployment...the first time
we've been apart like this...and I wrote this poem before he left. He comes
back in Nov.--left begining of May. I just wanted to share this. Thankyou.

To my husband...my life long Friend...

-=Her Head Held High

Her Head Held High
She stands up straight
Her head held high
She watches him
Kiss the kids goodbye
The tears she fights
She breathes real slow
She watches him
Prepare to go
The many days
They'll be apart
They hold their children
With heavy hearts
The thoughts go by
On all he'll miss
But she's proud of him
For all he is
He's her husband
A father until the end
He's a soldier...a companion
Her life long friend
His country calls
She knew it would
He answers it
As he should
His protection elsewhere
Our country demands
She says "Ok" and
Only partly understands
He says "I love you
I have to go"
She smiles...then nods
And says "I know"
A goodbye kiss
A last embrace
He reaches out
And caresses her face
She stands up straight
Her head held high
The tears now free
They wave goodbye...
~Natisha Wright
March 7, 2002
Thursday P.M.

contributed by Natisha Wright [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.