He’s My Paratrooper

He’s My Paratrooper

Tall, dark and handsome, yes, he’s my paratrooper. Blinking
back the tears as I watch him stand proudly at attention in
his greens, I know that my life has forever changed. We
haven’t said our vows, and yet I know, that my heart will
always be his.

I wish he could know all my thoughts.  And yet how could he?
He’s never sent the love of his life into the unknown and
into the dangers that war brings.  He doesn’t understand the
worry, and the fear that I feel.  Sometimes I have my
doubts, I won’t deny this, but when I hear I love you
sweetheart, I know that despite the pain, in the end it
will all be worth it. 

You see, he’s my paratrooper and I love him.  I don’t know
what the months ahead will bring, and I don’t know what
goodbye or I love you will be our last, but he’s doing
his duty, and I will do mine.  I will be strong and support
and encourage him.   During my moments of weakness, I will
dwell on the love that we share and remember that this ache
will not last forever, because no matter what tomorrow
brings, I know that my paratrooper loves me too. 

So as I see him fade into the distance, I look toward Heaven
and say a prayer, God watch over my paratrooper, and bring
him home safely to me.  And then I turn to walk away with
my head held high determined to be strong, knowing that at
the same moment, he was saying a prayer too, Lord keep her
strong, and let her know that her paratrooper will be all