The Heart of a Soldiers Wife

The Heart of a Soldiers Wife
by Diana Apgar

Wish I could show you what I am feeling
If I could open up my heart this is what you would see.
You my darling your smile within me.
A love so deep and precious I find it cuts like a knife.
To the left are memories of days we spent together in the sunshine.
The days of hiking in the most beautiful and special of places.
Laughing together oh what a treasure.
Sharing our thoughts of what we desire in our future. Explaining our pasts to
find the answers.
Memories of nights together sharing our love and passion wanting this to last
into forever. Arms out stretched for miles each time we came close. Smiles so
tender I could see to the ends of the earth.
To the right you will see if you look close enough a tear or two for thee.
Tears of joy for how I am blessed to have you in my life. Tears of sorrow for
I miss you more than words will unfold. Fears of what could happen fears so
deep and wide sometimes it feels as if they cut right thru this heart of mine.
Faith in God to protect you in this dangerous world you see.
So many feelings squeezed in this small heart.
How does it all fit so tightly? You see all the heart can hold for you within
Just beside the tears are joys untold. Joys of days we will have when you
come home.
Imagination of what we shall do and the hours of talking about the days we
When all these are shown you will know
that deep in my heart is my
Love waiting to behold.
My Darling soldier never doubt
I am here waiting for you to come home.
Then we shall explore our hearts and fill them even more.
On the edges all around is pride for what you do.
My Soldier My Husband I am by your side. Prayers fill up the center for you
to be always safe and God guide your each and every step along the way.
This my soldier is a wife's heart opened for you to see while you are out
for your family.

Diana Apgar