i want you to know
i miss you so much
one day it'll be us
you'll remember my touch

let me tell you
why i'm not there
it's nothing you did
and i know it's not fair

i'd love to see you
and hug you so tight
pick you up and carry you
it seems outta sight

i know what i'm missing
and feel it everyday
but i don't have a choice
what can i say

i gave up my life
for only 4 years
how did i know
but don't show any fear

i know i'm your father
and that makes it tough
not being there to hear you talk
watch you walk and all that stuff

i wish i could change it
i'd do so in a flash
if i could only be there with you
i'd give up all this trash

i'd show you the way
to shoot guns and play ball
things a mother could never
but that is not all

i'd show you i'm there
to protect you from pain
but that's what your mom's for
to show you the same

so take good care of her
she tries to do right
don't give her a hard time
and try not to fight

you just have to remember
one day you'll be mine
it shouldn't be that long
it only takes time

i just want you to know
i love you, i really do
i don't want you sad
cause i'm not mad at you

i love you baby boy,


written by: Nicholas Cheek

contributed by trinic [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.