Depolyment Goodbye

Depolyment Goodbye

He wears his DCU's with such great pride,
Turns to wave to his family goodbye.
Tries to hide the tears that fall from his eyes,
Doesn't want anyone to know this soldier cries.

His children stand ther too young to understand,
Why thier daddy has to leave this land.
They said goodbye with a hug and kiss,
Coming home alive is his only wish.

His wife stands ther with a look on her face,
She not going anywhere, but she's in a brand new place.
Suddlenly finding herself as a single mom.
Tries to hide the tears that fall from her eyes,
Doesn't want her children to see their mommy cry.

She says a silent prayer as he boards the plane,
Unknown to her he does the same.

Many thoughs run through his mind,
As the plane takes off toward the runway line.
Holding on to the photogragh of his family,
A tear falls from his eyes;
He quickly wipes it away.
Doesn't want anyone to see this soldier cry.

He wears his DCU's with such great pride,
As he exits off the plane.
In a new land, unfamiliar land,
He looks up to the sky,
Says a silent prayer to help him understand.
He knows he has a job to do, and he'll do it the best he

Each night as he lays his head down on desert sand,
A tear falls from his eyes.
He may be a brave and prideful man,
But even Soldiers need to cry.


Kristin Karraker