Those Days Leading Up To You Leaving

This is poem I wrote about my husband leaving to serve his
country in Operation Iraqi Freedom 2. This is his second
deployment. He served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. I just
thought i would share this.

Those Days Leading Up To You Leaving

That Thursday was horrible.
When we got the call, I knew that was it
I tried not to beleive it.
We went to sleep and woke up to a beautiful sun.
You came home early,much to my suprise
We spent all that day together
It was a very depressing day
I didn't realize that more was to come
We came home and ate some dinner
My heart broke as I watched you pack your things
I couldn't even stay in the same room
I went upstairs and got what you needed,
Then I sat down and cried
I brought you your things and went to the kitchen
I started crying again
You came over and held me while I cried
Then finished your packing
We went to bed both really depressed
We made love one more time
Afterwards, I began to cry
You held me and told me you loved me
You assured me that everything would be ok
I finally fell asleep
Next thing I knew, it was morning
You asked me to take one more shower with you
We got in the shower and you turned to me
You had a tear streaming down your cheek
I began to cry with you
We stood there and held eachother untill we had to get ready
We got out of the shower and you called your mom
I sat on the bed and cried
I was trying to convince myself that you weren't really leaving
You came in the room, in your desert camies and I lost it
You gave me another hug and a kiss and told me it would all be ok
We went downstairs and you loaded your sea bags in the car
Then we got in and went to the armory
You went in and got your rifle and came back out
You stood in formation for 20 minutes or so
Then you came over to me and I began to cry
You held me, then had to get back in formation
When that was over, you came back to me to say goodbye
We sat in the car holding eachother untill you had to load up
The last thing you did was kiss me and tell me you loved me
Then you lifted my shirt up and kissed the baby and told him you love him
You walked away from me, and loaded up on that bus.
Watching that bus pull away riped my heart out
My mind began to race
As I watched your bus pull away, I cried more than I ever have
As I got in your car, I felt this emmence emptyness.
I didn't understand why god had to take you over there away from me
I went home, then I cried
As the days go by I realize more and more that you were right
Everything will be ok
I understand why you went
You went to serve your country
You went to defend freedom
Im so proud to be your wife
Thank you for being here for me
I miss you baby
Please come home soon

Erica Diane Wills Loves Daniel Adam Wills Forever

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