Gone too soon

 Gone too soon

please submit my poem ...i was married on the 15th of Sept and my husband left
on the 19th for a 6 month deployment. it is hard for me knowing that i never
had a chance to be a wife, so for every wife that is in my shoes...i know how
you feel. (im sure there are a lot this deployment)

Its been five days since we've been wed
this should be a time to celebrate
and yet I cry alone in bed
and wonder how long I will have to wait.

Not knowing when you'll come home
not knowing when i will feel your touch
your voice your smell
oh, i miss you so much

I just count down the days when I can see you again
to have you in my arms, to hold so close
and when that time comes my arms and heart will be open
to embrace you and bring you home.

for every military wife knows that "absence will only make the heart grow
i love you Joe...your wife Jamie

contributed by Jamie [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.