When I last woke up,
With you by my side,
You're all I wanted to see,
You're my life,
You are my eternity.

When we last hugged,
I wanted to cry,
I never want this to be our last goodbye.

As I watched you walk away,
I asked God,
" He will be okay "

Time has gone, yet with out word

I'm scared to Death.

Then one day,
Out of the blue.
I answered my phone,
And it was you.

My eyes had filled with tears.

As the tears continued to fall,
It was the greatest day,
It was like a Cinderella ball.

As days and days go by,
I watch the news,
And wonder why.

Hoping soon to see your face,
Oh baby,
That would be such an embrace.

Just keep faith in our lord above,
I'll see you soon my little dove.

Orion is watching
Both you and I.

So when I awake,
With you by my side,
You're all I'll see,
You are my life,
You are my eternity.

Nicole Sheeley
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