Daddy, Daddy

 Daddy, Daddy

Daddy, Daddy, today I turned three
you helped celebrate with me.
Its also the day you left for a far away land
to a place called Vietnam.

Daddy, Daddy, today I'm seven
A lot of people say you've gone to heaven.
I heard Mommy saying something about MIA,
I'll never forget this awful day.

Daddy, Daddy, today I'm nine
just wanted to tell you that I'm doing fine.
Don't worry, I'm really okay
but I sure miss you, each and every day

Daddy, Daddy, today I'm sixteen
had my first date, his name is Gene,
We went to a high school dance,
maybe its the start of my first romance.

Daddy, Daddy, today I'm twenty-three
A very special man wants to marry me.
Oh, how I wish you could walk me down the aisle
just you and me, Daddy, together for awhile.

Daddy, Daddy, your grandson turned two.
I'm proud to say that I named him after you.
He's such a delight, this precious baby boy
I want you to be here to share in our joy.

Daddy, Daddy, today I'm twenty-five
God above I pray you're still alive
Far away, held against your will
I won't forget you, I love you still.

Daddy, Daddy, all these years we never got to share
all because our government doesn't seem to care.
How can they leave you and your friends?
For all of us, the waiting never ends. 

Diane Kuhn Nicholson