I wrote this poem during one of the long separations we as a Navy couple go through.  This poem shows just how depressing life can get.  I never knew how empty life can feel.  This poem has a lot more meaning than an average reader skimming over it my get.  I'm sure as Navy wives, many of you have felt the despair I felt as I wrote this.  I do have to give credit to our Holy Creator.  If it weren't for our Lord and Savior, I would no longer be in this world today.  Depression can do a lot of strange things to a person, even one of deep faith, but Christ's love is stronger than that.  Only through Christ...through Him, all things are possible. 

Praising the Lord,
Kristin M. Grubbs


I've always seen the crazy people
I've heard of them, I've read of them
But now with all life's recent occurrences
I feel my sanity slowly slipping away
I feel I'm gradually becoming one of THEM
I am lost
Distant from all others
My reflectionis now different to me
I do not see the same person
I see a CRAZY
A woman losing her SELF, her mind, her familiar place to dwell
A woman who needs her man
Without him, she is only half,
Half a person
Waiting for her soul mate
Paired by God
To come home and make her whole again
I am lonely
I am different
I am lost

Kristin M. Grubbs