Alone Tonight

Alone Tonight

Alone tonight, I sit and wait
Although it's growing very late.
A mission they said, he won't be long,
But to me it's the same old song.

Your duty keeps you far from me,
Each time you go, I try to see
What is this thing, you serve so well?
This pride that makes your strong heart swell?

I know it when I watch you move,
The way you hold your chin so smooth
Above the rest, so proud and strong
I guess you won't be gone so long...

At times I see what noble cause,
Has cost us time, and pain and loss
And other times I jsut feel cold,
Each time you go, I jsut grow old.

It's hard to be the one left behind,
To try and hold yourself in line.
To keep the deep dark sadness out,
And tell myself I have no doubts.

You must go love, and this I know
And so I hold on, and yet I let go
Of you so strong, so tall, so brave
Your loving arms I'll always crave.

Away you walk, so proud and true,
You serve the white, the red and the blue
No matter which color of clothing you wear,
We're all the same in the burdens we bear.

Army, airforce, Marine..or sailor
Painter, artist, craftsman, tailor..
Each one leaves another behind,
But in true love, again we'll find
Our heart, Our soul, Our on and only
So take heart my friends, my fellow lonely!

Life is short, and we grow old...
But in this life each day is gold.
We share a bond that none can break,
And this couse, one we gladly take.

To hold hom safe and warm upon return,
Our love as strong as flames that burn.
Return safe to me, my heart-my lave,
I send this prayer to god above.
Borrowed from the Black Knight Wives HMM
264 (REIN)