A poem for a Fiance'

We've only got
a few months to go
in my arms
you'll be safe at home

I await the day
you get of the bus
so i can see you
face to face

But for right now
i'm online
chatting with
some friends of mine

Talking bout,
when you come home
they're telling me
you're comming soon

Now tho you're in Iraq
fighting for the freedom
that they all lack

Im so proud of you
and what you do
protecting our country
protecting our flag

Even tho it takes you from home
so many months of the year
I still love you with all of my heart
no matter where you are

Cause it's me and the children
the wives, mothers, fathers
that you are fighting for

I may not like you being
in the sandbox, as you say
but i'm so proud of you honey
and i'm telling you this day

Keep fighting for our peace
and i'll be right by your side
I wish i could be there
As you sleep tonight

Your in my dreams always
and in my heart so tight
I'm never letting you go
when you come home to me tonight

Our daughter misses you so much
its hard to watch her cry
shes always asking bout daddy
is he comming home soon

She getting so big
as you will see
soon she'll be out on dates
and i'll be the bringer of peace

No matter where life takes us
they're will always be ups and downs
i'll be there for everything
so you wont bere a frown

Keep on smiling my love
make it contagious
you'll be home soon
and for that i can't wait

this poem is for my fiance' SPC Jonathan D.
Hammond...in Baghdad Iraq....it's hard for all of us,
to have a loved one so far from home, but they are
doing something so awesome!!!! honey, if you ever get
on and read this....i love you baby with all of my
heart...you are it for me,....i can't wait to have you
home, stay safe!!! i'm your girl forever....i miss
you! love you baby!!

Submitted by jonathan hammond